MX Logic Acquired by McAfee for $140M


McAfee, Inc. announced a definitive agreement to acquire MX Logic for $140M in cash at closing with the potential for an additional $30M based on certain performance targets. MX Logic is a leading provider of cloud-based email and web security and email archiving and continuity services. McAfee views the acquisition as an important […]

What’s in a Name?


Leading up to the internet bubble of 2001, over 50 states, regions, and communities attempted to brand themselves with IT-sounding monikers designed to indicate each area was a technology player. Some of the more obscure included Silicon Sandbar (Cape Cod), Silicon Swamp (Washington DC), and Silicon Snowbank (Minneapolis). Few of […]

Beacon’s BrightSPOT Offers Promise of Powerful and Portable Diagnostics


“People are always asking, ‘Where is the device, where’s the box that goes with it?” says Fred Mitchell, CEO of Beacon Biotechnology, on the reaction of people the first time they see the BrightSPOT System. Observers assume that the microscope-slide sized device must be inserted into a larger docking station […]