February New Tech Meetup – Boulder


New Tech Boulder DenverThe Boulder edition of New Tech Meetup got off to an entertaining start featuring a fireside discussion between Robert Reich and Jason Calacanis who was in town for the first Boulder Open Angel Forum. Calacanis started the Open Angel Forum in response to Angel groups that charge companies to present, a practice he is strongly against (see his blog post here).

Up next were the recent Boulder arrivals from Grogger, a platform for group blogs that makes it easy to group source content. Similar to Facebook, Grogger puts a box to contribute content right on the main screen of the grog to encourage participation. Top content, based on community voting, is highlighted in a featured module. Grogger just launched and is currently only available in hosted form.

Kutenda helps to simplify marketing for small businesses by providing a suite of tools. Included in the offerings are a web page builder, a data capture form builder, an auto-email responder, basic analytics, and a keyword tool to help with SEO. The company demonstrated its drag and drop offering to build a data capture form.

Matt Emmi presented next discussing some of the gadgets on display at CES including 3D TV and a wifi power harvester from RCA that enables a cell phone to charge in any area with access to wifi.

Last up was Eric Marcoullier discussing the re-launch of Gnip, a tool that helps businesses collect and monitor social data. Rather than focusing on the new product (he did do a quick demo at the end of his presentation), Marcoullier discussed what he learned from the need to rebuild Gnip from scratch. His top two takeaways were “Flexibility above all things” and “Don’t piss off your partners.”

The next New Tech Meetup will take place February 16 in Denver.